Daniele D'Abramo


Date of Birth: 18 July 1988

Italian guitar player, bass player, arranger, worked with many production like session man in studios and live session in Italy and in Europe.


Private Teacher: Ivano Icardi, Pino Russo, Dario Chiazzolino, Marco Ghiringhello, Franco Cavallone, Joey Tassello (Alessandro Gaza). and many others well known at local level.

Music school: Degree in Jazz Guitar at the Conservatory of Alessandria.

I’ve studied with private teacher the following skills: Arrangement for orchestra and modern instruments, production.

I’ve a diploma as Sound engineer.

Main Teaching experience:

• From 2015: Guitar teacher at “Kolibri musikkakademi” Music school - Oslo  - Norge

• From 2014 till 2015: Guitar teacher at “Ass Artistica” Music school - Brusson (AO) - ITALY
• From 2014 till 2015: Guitar teacher at “Crescendo music school” Music school - Romano Canavese - ITALY
• From 2008 till 2015: Guitar teacher at “Artistica” Music school - Quincinetto - ITALY
• From 2007 till 2015: Guitar teacher at “Allegro” Music School - Torino - ITALY 
• In 2007 – 2008: Group lessons for a High school in Torino - ITALY
• In 2012: Teacher in: “Armony and music theory” - ITALY

Main Artistic experience:

• 2015: Acustic duo and band with the swedish artist TESFU in Oslo.
• 2015: Recording session for “Orchestra Italiana Bagutti” Recording all guitars for the main italian folk orchestra.
• 2014: Recording session for “Loescher” hos “Lo Studio” Torino 5 session on which we recorded over than 250 songs about the story of modern music.
• 2014: Official Guitar player for “Piper pop Band” Agnecy Daniele Pavignano wedding song. Specialised in wedding events
• 2014: Switzerland Tour with Loescher band and concerts in Italy. Luciano Saracino – bass, Carlo Bellotti – drum, Federico Monetta – keyboard, Elena e Roberta Bacciolo – singers.
• 2014: recording and arrangement for the album of Beppe Conte from Turin
• 2012 - 2013: Show band “GIULIANO E I BARONI” and many other famous orchestras in Italy.
• 2012: Acoustic Duo with famous singer and cocal teacher“DAVIDE CONTI” and many shows with his band
• 2011: Show Band “WILMER MODA’” - We took part at “Young SANREMO 2011” contest, an important italian tv show
• Recording Session for Jykka and finnish tour. Mikkeli (finland) opening at of Nightwish in Helsinki.
• 2010: Live band for the Acting company “ANDROMEDA” for the musical “Patty Angel Night Live Show” and “Stardust Cafè” rapresented in major theater of Italy
• 2009: Sardinia tour with band “ICON”
• 2009: Tour with singer “LUCIA LAZZERI” classic music tour with lyric singer.

Main musicians I played or recorded with:
Lorenzo Arese, Carlo Bellotti, Luciano Saracino, Federico monetta, Diego Mascherpa, Davide Conti, Marco Ghiringhello, Massimo Serra, Roberta Bacciolo, Elena Bacciolo, Didier Caria, Stefano Petrini, Simone Tartarini, Enzo De Gioia, Michele Bornengo, Mario Bracco, Daniele Pavignano, “Daniele Pavignano Wedding song” Agency, Federica Arbetella, Enrico Perelli, Simone Ghio, Carlo Revello, Daniele Giordano, Giuseppe Torrente and many others…


• 1st Prize contest “BAGLIORI” Torino
• 1st Prize contest “RACCONTA LA TUA OLIMPIADE” for the winter olimpic games in torino. Orchestral composition played in Worldwide vision for the opening of olimpic games
• Finalist with othet 7 guys troughout Italy for the scolarship of “The Institute” Music School in London.

I’ve a lot of live and studio experience. I worked with many bands and producers of many label, I’m a composer, jingle composer for spot and I`ve experience in orchestration.

Attestats and Diploma:

• Sound engineer 2007
• Recording guitars with Ivano Icardi
• Workshop with Frank Gambale in Torino 2013
• Workshop with Andy Timmons (Milano 2013)

Other technical skills:

I use multitrack sequencer like: “Pro Tools”, “Logic”, “Cubase”, “Sound Forge” and relative plug in at professional level.

I speak fluent: Italian, English, French and a Norwegian.


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